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DEVA provides opportunities to poor people, to those who lack access to sources of funding, for starting and improving micro businesses and improving the quality of life for the poor and the less-privileged members of society.


Welcome to Deva Access and Empowerment International Limited/Guarantee (DevA). We have our focus on fighting poverty and working with like-minded organisations and individuals. We subscribe to the client protections principles and to global concerted effort/movement of using microfinance to end hunger and poverty.

We invite you to join us as we collaborate in this global movement to alleviate poverty and its effects. A poverty free world is a saver world for us all. Put a smile on someone’s face. Get involved.




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“Nobody should be refused access to financial services. Because these services are so vital for self-realisation of people, I strongly feel that credit should be given the status of a human right."  - Muhammed Yunus

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